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Dr Shelley Lee Davies - Principal Chiropractic

Dr Shelley Lee Davies - Principal ChiropractorI began working life as a Personal Assistant and administration manager working across the country within the NHS for an artificial limb and orthotic specialist. I co-ordinated the management of seven specialised rehabilitation centres nationwide.

Always an avid sports person and a regular gym user I decided to change my career and qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in 2001. I practised for several years and was a part-owner of a small private gym. Although I loved what I was doing, I still felt something was missing.

Having suffered with lower back pain due to a trampoline accident in my teens, I discovered chiropractic in my early 20’s and was fascinated. Not only was it the one intervention that alleviated my pain for the long term but it was also something I felt compelled to do.

I was awarded the Holme Award for clinical excellence in my final year at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, and also won awards for the most new patients seen and patient treatments given in my year. I graduated in 2008 and expanded my already established Sports Therapy Clinic to incorporate chiropractic care.

My speciality is holistic chiropractic, by this I mean treating the cause not just the symptom. In my experience most injuries or pain patterns can be related either to immediate trauma or to chronic and mostly “forgotten” injuries. These issues cause the body to function in compensatory ways and usually other injuries occur years later I pride myself on finding the cause of these issues so injuries can be rectified in the long term.

Dr Linn Erixon-Sahlstrom - Associate Chiropractor

Dr Linn Erixon-Sahlstrom - ChiropractorAs a result of trying almost every sport on the planet (with varying levels of success), I have come into contact with lots of therapies. However, it was when I first went to a chiropractor that I really felt an instant difference and knew I wanted to give up my job as an advertising copywriter and retrain to become a chiropractor.

Endurance, strength and flexibility are fundamental for a functional and healthy body. I firmly believe that movement is the overall key and that everyone is able to work this into a daily routine. However, this won’t happen without the correct mindset. I therefore like to find out what is important to my patients in their recovery.

I ask: What is it that you would like to do tomorrow that you cannot do today, and how would being able to do that make you feel?

As a competitive ultra-marathon runner, I know what is important for your body. I understand the need for an athlete to be able to reach peak performance, regardless of their level, and I enjoy the challenge of helping patients achieve this.

During my training as a certified clinical hypnotherapist in 2012, I became more curious about the mind-body connection and the non-specific effects of manual therapy. I decided I wanted to do a PhD to further explore this area, and have been accepted at Bournemouth University. Over the next three years, I will be working part-time at Davies Chiropractic and dedicating the rest of my time to my PhD.

Dr Amy Miller - Associate Chiropractic

My experience with chiropractic began when I became a patient over ten years ago, and I fell in love with the ideas behind chiropractic and what it could do for people. I felt improvements not only in the pain and fatigue I had been experiencing, but I also had fewer migraines, improved sleep and more energy. The people around me noticed differences too, including improvements in my performance gymnastics, swimming and horse riding. Through my chiropractor I learnt about ways to improve my own health through nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene, and felt really involved and active in my own journey to healthy living. I couldn't imagine a more rewarding career than chiropractic, working with people to help them to reach their goals, whether their goal was to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without pain, high level performance, or one of the many stages in between. The AECC offered me a place and I haven't looked back.

During my Masters at AECC, I developed a second passion in research. The support and enthusiasm I received during this time allowed me to push my own boundaries and take on additional research projects. My focus to date has been on mothers and babies. I have been part of a team which has investigated what mothers want from healthcare for their babies, produced a validated questionnaire for infant chiropractic care which allows us to measure the change before and after treatment, and investigated musculoskeletal problems in babies who struggle to breastfeed. I am now a PhD student with Bournemouth University, which means that I will be continuing to carry out research, particularly on the role of a combined midwifery and chiropractic approach to support breastfeeding. I have focussed on developing my skills with paediatric patients as I really enjoy seeing babies and children in clinic, and see a role for chiropractic care in all age groups.

Dr Ellice Kasper - Associate Chiropractor

Dr Ellice Kasper - ChiropractorHaving grown up in Bournemouth, I learned about the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) at school. I have always been fascinated with anatomy, physiology and sport, and the combination of these led to my interest in chiropractic. At one point, I was torn as to whether to pursue a career in physiotherapy or chiropractic, but after attending an open day at the AECC, I was hooked. For me, hands-on techniques to help patients improve function and quality of life was inspiring, so I studied to become a chiropractor and graduated with first-class honours.

I am a keen sportsperson and have played football from a young age. It has given me first-hand insight into sports-related injuries and the importance of correct training and rehabilitation. While I enjoy treating one of our most common complaints, spinal problems, I have a particular interest in hip, shoulder and knee issues.

I am also particularly interested in addressing the soft-tissue aspects of injuries and combining this approach with various chiropractic techniques that suit the person I am treating. In addition, exercise rehabilitation is a very important part of my treatment plans as it enhances and expedites recovery, allowing patients to better manage their issues from home.

Susan Hayne - Clinic Manager

Sue - AdministratorI manage the administration of the clinic and booking appointments for the chiropractors and warmly welcome you to Davies Chiropractic.

I'm married and have two teenage boys who ‘s various sporting activities keep us busy leaving just a little time to enjoy my hobbies - sailing and keeping fit.

Aly Sawyer - Receptionist

Aly Sawyer - ReceptionistI am married with two teenage daughters and live in Wick Village. I was born in Christchurch and have lived in the area all my life. I love nothing more than a walk over Hengistbury Head, a trip down to one of our fantastic beaches, or an evening of yoga.

Previously, I have worked as an administrator and phlebotomist for a local district nursing practice and, before I had my children, I worked in fund management.

Administration has, therefore, been central to my working life and I hope that my skill set will now be of assistance to Shelley and her team.