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Dr Amy Miller - Associate Chiropractic

My experience with chiropractic began when I became a patient over ten years ago, and I fell in love with the ideas behind chiropractic and what it could do for people. I felt improvements not only in the pain and fatigue I had been experiencing, but I also had fewer migraines, improved sleep and more energy. The people around me noticed differences too, including improvements in my performance gymnastics, swimming and horse riding. Through my chiropractor I learnt about ways to improve my own health through nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene, and felt really involved and active in my own journey to healthy living. I couldn't imagine a more rewarding career than chiropractic, working with people to help them to reach their goals, whether their goal was to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without pain, high level performance, or one of the many stages in between. The AECC offered me a place and I haven't looked back.

During my Masters at AECC, I developed a second passion in research. The support and enthusiasm I received during this time allowed me to push my own boundaries and take on additional research projects. My focus to date has been on mothers and babies. I have been part of a team which has investigated what mothers want from healthcare for their babies, produced a validated questionnaire for infant chiropractic care which allows us to measure the change before and after treatment, and investigated musculoskeletal problems in babies who struggle to breastfeed. I am now a PhD student with Bournemouth University, which means that I will be continuing to carry out research, particularly on the role of a combined midwifery and chiropractic approach to support breastfeeding. I have focussed on developing my skills with paediatric patients as I really enjoy seeing babies and children in clinic, and see a role for chiropractic care in all age groups.