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Dr Ellice Kasper - Associate Chiropractor

Dr Ellice Kasper - ChiropractorHaving grown up in Bournemouth, I learned about the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) at school. I have always been fascinated with anatomy, physiology and sport, and the combination of these led to my interest in chiropractic. At one point, I was torn as to whether to pursue a career in physiotherapy or chiropractic, but after attending an open day at the AECC, I was hooked. For me, hands-on techniques to help patients improve function and quality of life was inspiring, so I studied to become a chiropractor and graduated with first-class honours.

I am a keen sportsperson and have played football from a young age. It has given me first-hand insight into sports-related injuries and the importance of correct training and rehabilitation. While I enjoy treating one of our most common complaints, spinal problems, I have a particular interest in hip, shoulder and knee issues.

I am also particularly interested in addressing the soft-tissue aspects of injuries and combining this approach with various chiropractic techniques that suit the person I am treating. In addition, exercise rehabilitation is a very important part of my treatment plans as it enhances and expedites recovery, allowing patients to better manage their issues from home.