Manage your aches and pains   Enhance your sporting activities

Dr Linn Erixon-Sahlstrom - Associate Chiropractor

As a result of trying almost every sport on the planet (with varying levels of success), I have come into contact with lots of therapies. However, it was when I first went to a chiropractor that I really felt an instant difference and knew I wanted to give up my job as an advertising copywriter and retrain at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic to graduate with a MSc in Chiropractic. 

Endurance, strength and flexibility are fundamental for a functional and healthy body. I firmly believe that movement is the overall key and that everyone is able to work this into a daily routine. However, this won’t happen without the correct mindset. I therefore like to find out what is important to my patients in their recovery.

I ask: What is it that you would like to do tomorrow that you cannot do today, and how would being able to do that make you feel?

As a competitive ultra-marathon runner, I know what is important for your body. I understand the need for an athlete to be able to reach peak performance, regardless of their level, and I enjoy the challenge of helping patients achieve this. Likewise as a certified clinical hypnotherapist in 2012, I like to incorporate the mind-body connection in my overall management plans. I also do separate hypnotherapy sessions, whether it is about overcoming a mental blockage or a phobia or for pure pain management, please call for more information about how hypnotherapy could be helpful for you.