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Dr Shelley Lee Davies - Principal Chiropractic 

I began working life as a Personal Assistant and administration manager working across the country within the NHS for an artificial limb and orthotic specialist. I co-ordinated the management of seven specialised rehabilitation centres nationwide.

Always an avid sports person and a regular gym user I decided to change my career and qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in 2001. I practised for several years and was a part-owner of a small private gym. Although I loved what I was doing, I still felt something was missing.

Having suffered with lower back pain due to a trampoline accident in my teens, I discovered chiropractic in my early 20’s and was fascinated. Not only was it the one intervention that alleviated my pain for the long term but it was also something I felt compelled to do.

I was awarded the Holme Award for clinical excellence in my final year at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, and also won awards for the most new patients seen and patient treatments given in my year. I graduated in 2008 and expanded my already established Sports Therapy Clinic to incorporate chiropractic care.

My speciality is holistic chiropractic, by this I mean treating the cause not just the symptom. In my experience most injuries or pain patterns can be related either to immediate trauma or to chronic and mostly “forgotten” injuries.  These issues cause the body to function in compensatory ways and usually other injuries occur years later. I pride myself on finding the cause of these issues so injuries can be rectified in the long term .